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'The Last Time I Saw Paris'
Recordings from 1932 to 1950
Crystal Stream Audio 2014
IDCD281 Total playing time: 78.14
Something to Do with Spring; Mad Dogs and Englishmen; I Travel Alone; Most of Ev'ry Day; Love in Bloom; Mrs. Worthington; We Were So Young; Then; Play, Orchestra, Play; You Were There; Has Anybody Seen Our Ship?; Man About Town; Here's a Toast; Hearts and Flowers (The Musical Box); Where are the Songs We Sung; The Stately Homes of England; London Pride; The Last Time I Saw Paris; Could You Please Oblige Us with a Bren Gun?; Bright was the Day; This is a Changing World; His Excellency Regrets; Uncle Harry; Josephine.

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