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To order use the ADD to CART buttons shown with each CD.

Please ensure that you select the correct address location from the drop-down menu provided above each 'Add to Cart' button.

When you have chosen your CDs you can complete your order by using the VIEW CART button at the top of each page.


Single CDs:

A$19.50 each to addresses in Australia (postage included)
A$23.00 each to addresses in other countries (postage included)

Double CDs:
A$24.00 each to addresses in Australia (postage included)
A$27.50 each to addresses in other countries (postage included)

Double CDs are indicated in catalogue. They are:
IDCD45/6; IDCD85/6; IDCD88/9; IDCD102/3; IDCD105/6; IDCD111/2; IDCD170/1; IDCD237/8, IDCD261/2, IDCD263/4, IDCD278/9, IDCD303/4, IDCD307/8, IDCD309/10, IDCD316/17, IDCD319/20, IDCD323/24, IDCD325/26, IDCD327/28, IDCD330/31, IDCD342/43, IDCD345/46, IDCD347/48, IDCD349/50, IDCD354/55, IDCD358/59, IDCD362/63, IDCD364/65, IDCD366/67 & IDCDSPEC13/4.

We regret that due to the high charges imposed by banks in Australia to negotiate cheques of international currencies we cannot accept payment by personal cheques unless they are in Australian dollars and drawn on an Australian bank account.
Please also note that banks in Australia will not negotiate international Money Orders.