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Volume Two
His Ambassadors Band
51 recordings from 1928 to 1931
Crystal Stream Audio 2023
IDCD507 Total playing time: 78.29
IDCD508 Total playing time: 77.33
Double CD
FIRST CD: I Just Roll Along Having My Ups and Downs; Crazy Rhythm; Where Have You Been All My Life; Ev'ry Little Moment; Roll Away Clouds; Spread a Little Happiness; Dreams of Yesterday; Truly Rural; I Think of What You Used to Think of Me; Just a Night for Meditation; Shout Hallelujah 'Cause I'm Home; One and One Are Two; Da Da, Da Da; Second Hand Rose; My Man; The Five O'Clock Whistle - Selection, Parts one and two; The Wedding of the Painted Doll; Wake Up Chill'un, Wake Up; You're the Cream in My Coffee; To Know You is to Love You; Ever So Goosey; Is Izzy Azzy Wozz; Sarah Jane; Broadway; The Chicken or the Egg; That's What I Call Heaven. SECOND CD: I'm Doing What I'm Doing for Love; Come On, Baby; Through; She's So Unusual; Pickin' Petals Off 'O Daisies; A Night of Happiness; Ain't It Great to Be Home Again; Asleep in My Heart; Indispensable You; The Sunshine of Marseilles; Ill Always Be Dreaming of Mary; Happy Days - Medley, Parts one and two; The King's Horses; Gee, It Must Be Love; I'm That Way Over You; In a Quiet Corner; One Night Alone With You; Dancing in Your Sleep; If I Had Three Wishes; Blue Roses - Selection, Parts one and two; Stand Up and Sing - Selection, Parts One and two.

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Volume One
Piccadilly Revels Band
Recordings from 1926 to 1928

© Crystal Stream Audio 2023 IDCD503
Total playing time: 75.31

Lonely Eyes; My Cuties Due at Two-to-Two Today; Crazy Words, Crazy Tune; Where Do You Work-a John; It; Aint She Sweet; Honeymoon Waltz; Do the Black-Bottom with Me; Song of the Vagabonds; Only a Rose; Muddy Water; Shalimar; Positively, Absolutely; Somebody Said; Just the Same; Yale Blues; Yale Blues (alternate take); Varsity Blues; Varsity Blues (alternate take); Persian Rosebud; Charmaine; Just Like a Butterfly; My Blue Heaven; Is She My Girl Friend; Moon of Japan; Song of the Wanderer; Fancy Our Meeting.

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