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SAM LANIN and His Orchestra
Volume Four
More Budget Labels
54 electric recordings from 1926 to 1931
Crystal Stream Audio 2020
IDCD435 Total playing time: 76.42
IDCD436 Total playing time: 79.11
Double CD
FIRST CD: Let's Talk About My Sweetie (Take 2); I Found a Round-about Way to Heaven; I'm Just Wild About Animal Crackers; Mountain Greenery; Me Too; She's Still My Baby; The Little White House; I'm On My Way Home; Take in the Sun, Hang Out the Moon; One Alone; (There's Something Nice About Everyone But) There's Everything Nice About You; Nesting Time; A Lane in Spain; Red Lips, Kiss My Blues Away; Here Am I, Broken Hearted; Dancing Tamborine; There's Something About a Rose; Rag Doll; Just Like a Melody Out of the Sky; You're a Real Sweetheart; My Blackbirds are Bluebirds Now; Sally of My Dreams; You're the Cream in My Coffee; I'm Bringing a Red, Red Rose; Deep Night; Some Sweet Day; The Toymaker's Dream.
SECOND CD: (You Can't Take Away) The Things That Were Made for Love; Here We Are; My Madonna; True Blue Lou; Melancholy; Turn On the Heat; Somebody Mighty Like You; My Man is On the Make; Why Do You Suppose?; Mona; I'm on a Diet of Love; Alone With My Dreams; Whippoorwill; Exactly Like You; Just Like in a Story Book;; I'm in the Market for You; Maybe It's Love; I am Only the Words, You are the Melody; What Good am I Without You; You're the One I Care For; To Whom It May Concern; Here Comes the Sun; Walkin' My Baby Back Home; Makin' Faces at the Man in the Moon; Just One More Chance; Many Happy Returns of the Day; I Apologise.

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SAM LANIN and His Orchestra
Volume Three
The Budget Labels
54 electric recordings from 1926 to 1929
Crystal Stream Audio 2015
IDCD309 Total playing time: 78.14
IDCD310 Total playing time: 79.36
Double CD
FIRST CD: Let's Talk About My Sweetie (Take 1); So Does Your Old Mandarin; Tentin' Down in Tennessee; Could I? - I Certainly Could; If I Knew I'd Find You (I'd Climb the Highest Mountain); Bye Bye Blackbird; I Wish I Had My Old Girl Back Again; Blue Bonnet (You Make Me Feel Blue); When the Red, Red Robin Comes Bob, Bob, Bobbin' Along; There's a Blue Ridge in My Heart Virginia; When the Red, Red Robin Comes Bob, Bob, Bobbin' Along; In a Little Garden ( You Made Paradise); For My Sweetie; Sunday; When I First Met Mary; Nesting Time; It All Depends on You; Side By Side; Hallelujah; Hallelujah; Bless Her Little Heart; Gonna Get a Girl; Lazy Weather; Side By Side; Someday You'll Say "O.K".; Keep Sweeping the Cobwebs off the Moon; My Heart Stood Still.
SECOND CD: I Just Roll Along (Havin' My Ups and Downs); Beautiful; Lila; Just Across the Street from Heaven; Happy-Go-Lucky Lane; Sweet Sue, Just You; My Pet; Who Wouldn't Be Blue; Hiding in the Corner of Your Smile; Chilly-Pom-Pom-Pee; Get Out and Get Under the Moon; Get Out and Get Under the Moon; That's My Weakness Now; Old Man Sunshine; (I Got a Woman Crazy for Me) She's Funny That Way; If I Had You; A Precious Little Thing Called Love; A Room with a View; The Wedding of the Painted Doll; My Castle in Spain is a Shack in the Lane; Building a Nest for Mary; Redskin; Do Something!; I'm Just a Vagabond Lover; I Don't Want Your Kisses (If I Can't Have Your Love); Orange Blossom Time; I May Be Wrong, But I Think You're Wonderful.

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SAM LANIN and His Orchestra
Volume Two
51 'Columbia' recordings from 1927 to 1931
Crystal Stream Audio 2015
IDCD303 Total playing time: 77.40
IDCD304 Total playing time: 79.09
Double CD
FIRST CD: In a Little Spanish Town; Moonlight on the Ganges; Blue Skies; Yankee Rose; Rio Rita; The Kinkajou; She's Got "It"; Just Once Again; My Blue Heaven; A Shady Tree; Summertime Sweethearts; A Siren Dream; Together, We Two; Thinking of You; Up in the Clouds; The Beggar; Girls of My Dreams; When You're with Somebody Else; My Ohio Home; Together; Ramona; There Must be a Silver Lining; I'm Always Smiling; I Just Roll Along (Having My Ups and Downs) In My Bouquet of Memories; I'd Rather Cry Over You (Than Smile at Somebody Else).
SECOND CD: Get Out and Get Under the Moon; So Dear; Was it a Dream?; Sorry for Me; Don't Keep Me in the Dark, Bright Eyes; Ten Little Miles from Town; If You Don't Love Me; Roses of Yesterday; Jumping Jack; The One That I Love Loves Me; The Wedding of the Painted Doll; The Toymaker's Dream; Now I'm in Love; When My Dreams Come True; This is Heaven; When I'm Looking at You; I Wonder How it Feels (to be Head Over Heels in Love); Little White Lies; Tomorrow is Another Day; Good Evenin'; Why am I So Romantic?; >It's a Great Life (If You Don't Weaken); I'm Proud of You; When Your Lover Has Gone; Ya Got Love.

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SAM LANIN and His OrchestraS
Recordings from 1925 TO 1930

© Crystal Stream Audio 2002 IDCD84
Total playing time: 73.42

Paddlin' Madelin' Home; Spanish Shawl; Sweet Child (I'm Wild About You); I Want Somebody to Cheer Me Up; Hello, Aloha! How Are You?; Who Could be More Wonderful Than You?; Lay Me Down to Sleep in Carolina; Hello Bluebird!; My Baby Knows How; I Know That You Know; Since I've Found You; I'm Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover; Honolulu Moon; Barbara; Where is My Meyer? (Where's Himalaya?); Chloe (Song of the Swamp); I'm Always Smiling; Sunshine; Why Can't You; I'm in Seventh Heaven; Blondy; Singin' in the Bathtub; When the Little Red Roses (Get the Blues for You); Sing a Little Theme Song; Crying Myself to Sleep.

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