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Volume Five

Female Vocalists
Recordings from 1930 to 1948

© Crystal Stream Audio 2021 IDCD463
Total playing time: 79.35

ANONA WINN - A Night of Happiness; My Sweeter Than Sweet; What Have We Got to Lose; That's All That Matters to Me; The Very Thought of You; Miss Otis Regrets; BARBARA JAMES - When Winter Turns to Spring; No One Can Take the Place of You; There's a Rainbow of Peace in the Sky; MYREE PARKER - The Stars Looked Down; It Wasn't a Star; Our Prayer; Mother of Men; EILEEN BOYD - There's Going to Be Good News; Where the Mountains Go Down to the Sea; JEAN CERCHI - A Pair of Silver Wings; The White Cliffs of Dover; Song in My Heart; Baby Mine; I Know Why; Loveliness and Love; JOY NICHOLS - Chin Up! Cheerio! Carry On!; Always in My Heart; JOAN WILTON - Couldn't You Learn to Love Me; I'll Have to Change the Words; It's All Because of You; Since You Made Yes Into No.

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Volume Four

Recordings from 1927 to 1949

© Crystal Stream Audio 2017 IDCD368
Total playing time: 79.10

Brian Lawrance: Sally Horner; Love's Old Sweet Song; Jack O'Hagan: Forgotten; Harry Little: In the Luggage Van Ahead; I Kissed My Sleeping Mammy; The Big Four: Dancing Tambourine; I Told Them All About You; When the Guards are on Parade; You were My Salvation; Queenie and David Kaili: Breeze; Rose of Honolulu; When It's Springtime in the Rockies; Len Maurice: Kingsford Smith, Aussie is Proud of You; Smithy; If I Had a Talking Picture of You; You've Got Me Picking Petals Off of Daisies; Ana Hato and Deane Waretini: Pokarekare; Po Atatau; Beryl Newell: A Precious Little Thing Called Love; The Wedding of the Painted Doll; Grace Quine: My Mammy; Robert Nicholson: Roses in June; Love is a Dreamer; Jack Lumsdaine: Phar Lap, Farewell to You; I'm Waiting for Ships That Never Come in; George Sorlie: Shuffle Off to Buffalo; The Harmoniques and 'Mabel': Along the Road to Gundagai; Joan Wilton: Ginger Meggs; Four Guardsmen: The Goanna Song.

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Volume Three

Recordings from 1927 to 1952

© Crystal Stream Audio 2005 IDCD134
Total playing time: 76.42

George Sholer - The Doll Dance; Len Maurice - Sweetie O' Mine; Our Don Bradman: Jack O'Hagan - Diane; Spanish Moon; Queenie & David Kaili - Fijian Farewell; Fred Williamson - Mother Macree; Don Bradman - Old Fashioned Locket & Our Bungalow of Dreams; How It's Done; Terence Nugent - Sleeping Beauty; Jacko the Broadcasting Kookaburra; James Foran - In Your Arms Tonight; I'm Away in Killarney with You; Peter Dawson - Swinging Along the Road to Victory; Horrie Dargie & His Rocking Reeds - Somewhere a Voice is Calling; All Through the Night; Ada & Elsie - Looking Around; Johnny Wade & His Hawaiians - Haere Ra; Ward Leopold - Here's Hooey Too; Pat Hanna - The Gospel According to Cricket; The Gospel According to Racing

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Volume Two

Recordings from 1927 to 1943

© Crystal Stream Audio 2004 IDCD119
Total playing time: 76.41

Len Maurice - O! Sydney I Love You; Harry Little - I Kissed My Sleeping Mammy; Sidney Burchall - My Regular Girl; Vince Courtney - In the Luggage Van Ahead; Barney Bernard - Someday, Somewhere (We'll Meet Again); Clement Q Williams - I've Never Seen a Smile Like Yours; Gladys Moncrieff - Vilia; Jack O'Hagan - Blue Rhythm; John Warren - It Happened in Monterey; Queenie and David Kaili - Song of the Islands; Regal Salon Orch (Gil Dech) - Electric Girl; The Big Four - Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone; Beryl Newell - Yes, Yes, My Baby Said "Yes"; Terence Nugent - Goodbye; Pat Hanna - Cricketisms; George Sorlie - Roll Along Prairie Moon; Peter Dawson - Waltzing Matilda; Tex Morton - The Yellow Rose of Texas; Jack Davey - Mr. Doughboy; Joy Nichols - When a Boy from Alabama Meets a Girl from Gundagai; Johnny Wade - Out of the Blue Gums; Ward Leopold - Here's Hooey; Barbara James - No One Can Take the Place of You; Jack Lumsdaine - Don't Worry.

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Recordings from 1926 to 1943

© Crystal Stream Audio 1998 IDCD10
Total playing time: 74.05

Al Hammett & His Ambassadors' Orch. - How Could Red Riding Hood; 2FC Studio Dance Orch. - Home to Ballaarat; Jack Lumsdaine - Mary Lou; Where the River Murray Flows; Sidney Burchall - For the Term of his Natural Life; The Adorable Outcast; Queenie & David Kaili - Little Brown Baby; Jack O'Hagan - Ramona; George Sorlie - I'm a Dreamer - Aren't We All?; Pat Hanna - The Gospel According to Cricket; Charlie Vaud & Renn Millar - Smile Away; Art Leonard (Len Maurice) - A Lone Girl Flyer; John Warren - Song of the Dawn; Roy 'Mo' Rene - Mr. Macachie; Peter Dawson - Along the Road to Gundagai; Advance Australia Fair; Beryl Newell - Ten Cents a Dance; Jim Davidson's Dandies - On the Road to Gundagai; Where the Dog Sits on the Tucker Box; Jim Gussey & ABC Dance Band - Pick it Up; Bob Dyer & His Mountain Men - The Young 'uns of the Martins and the Coys; Abe Romain & His Orch. - When You Come Home Again; Johnny McMahon - Everybody Ev'ry Pay-Day; Jack Davey - Our Air-Raid Shelter; Joy Nichols - He Wants to be a Pilot; Johnny Wade - The Land of the Sundown.

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