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Ronald Frankau

Recordings from 1929 to 1939

© Crystal Stream Audio IDCD110
Total playing time: 75.55

I'd Like to See a Murder; Nothing Ever Happens to Some Girls; Crepe Soles; She Doesn't Only Get You with Her Beauty; You've Got to Pay for Everything You Get; A Good Man's No Good to Anyone; A Protest; Bare Facts (1933); Pets; Winter Sports; If I were the Dic-Dictator; My Secretary; In the Colonies, Dominions and Protectorates; -And Let Who Will be Good; Freddie's Got a Lot to Learn; It's an Over-rated Pastime After All; He's a Twirp; Shakespeare was a Playboy; Brevity is the Soul of Wheat; Upper Class Love; Bare Facts (1939); The Best Kind of Bad Girls.

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