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JACK JACKSON and His Orchestra
Volume Two
'Things Are Looking Up'
Recordings from 1933 to 1935

© Crystal Stream Audio 2019 IDCD408
Total playing time: 77.45

Let Bygones Be Bygones; I'm Playing with Fire; Sittin' in the Dark; I Always Keep My Girl Out Late; I'll Show You Off; Did My Heart Beat?; Down a Long, Long Road; The Wind's in the West; We'll All Go Riding on a Rainbow; Faint Harmony; Dixie Lee; Lullaby in Blue; Kiss Me, Dear; You Turned Your Head; Two Cigarettes in the Dark; Miss Otis Regret (She's Unable to Lunch Today); Soon; Who Made Little Boy Blue; What a Little Moonlight Can Do; Don't You Cry When We Say Goodbye; I Think I Can; Things are Looking Up; Marie Louise; Bridal Waltz; Little Golden Locket.

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"Everything's in Rhythm"

Recordings from 1933 to 1936

© Crystal Stream Audio 2004 IDCD116
Total playing time: 77.44

Blue River, Roll On; What Have We Got to Lose?; Two Can't Sit on a Three Piece Suite; Does Santa Claus Sleep with His Whiskers Over or Under the Sheet?; Paly to Me, Gypsy; The Buggy Song; Goodnight, Lovely Little Lady; Lonely Feet; On Ilkla Moor; Nobody Loves a Fairy When She's Forty; That's the Way I Like to Hear You Talk; My Heart was Sleeping; Jack O' Diamonds; Someone to Sew Your Buttons On; Maybe I'm Wrong Again; Song of the Trees; There Won't be Any Spring; Honey, That Belongs to Me; It Happened in the Moonlight; My Heart Jumped Over the Moon; On the Prom, Prom, Promenade; Turn Your Face to the Sun; Red Sails in the Sunset; Roll Along, Prairie Moon; Everything's in Rhythm with My Heart; Say the Word and It's Yours.

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