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NORMAN LONG - Volume Two
"We Can't Let You Broadcast That"

Recordings from 1925 to 1940

© Crystal Stream Audio 2005 IDCD135
Total playing time: 75.16

The Drage Way; Homes; Toasts; Down in Our Village in Zummerzet; The Good Little Boy and the Bad Little Boy; Under the Bazunka Tree; We Can't Let You Broadcast That; 'Oles; Marrers; I've Brought You Some Narcissus, Cis; We Ought to Have a Basin Full of That; Luxembourg Calling; We Montmorencies; Nothin' Else to Do All Day; To Wish You a Happy Christmas; Don't 'Old with it; 'Round the 'Ouses; It Wouldn't Have Done for the Duke, Sir; Working for the Mayor and Corporation; Where Does Poor Pa Go in the Black-Out?; Nice Kind Sergeant-Major; In Our Village A.R.P.

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'A Song, A Smile, and a Piano'

Recordings from 1928 to 1934

© Crystal Stream Audio 2004 IDCD121
Total playing time: 75.28

My Little Austin Seven; Monday Morning; Overture "1929"; That Little Back Garden of Mine; Ideal Homes; Aren't We All; Our Dog; Hidden Heroes; Rule Britannia, A Travesty; That Rests Entirely with Me; What Would Mr. Gladstone Say to That?; Because No Power on Earth Can Pull it Down; The Barrers in the Walworth Road; Dear Old Fashioned Thing; Seven Veils; The Isle of Hootcha Kootcha; In the Morning; Grandma's Days and Nowadays; The Bushes at the Bottom of the Garden; The Five Year Plan; They Can't Make a Vule Out of Oi!; On the Day That Chelsea Went and Won the Cup; Ten Pahnds Dahn; The Council Schools are Good Enough for Me; When I Get My Rag Out.

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