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"Just Like a Melody"

Recordings from 1928 to 1935

© Crystal Stream Audio 2005 IDCD126
Total playing time: 73.34

Just Like a Melody Out of the Sky; Everything is Rosy Down in Georgia; Beautiful; Get Out and Get Under the Moon; Tired Hands; If You Only Had My Disposition; While You're Away; I Just Roll Along Havin' My Ups and Downs; Down on Bull Frog's Isle; That's How I Fell About You, Sweetheart; Away Down South in Heaven; Where the Shy Little Violets Grow; You Should See My Neighbour's Daughter; All By Yourself in the Moonlight; Old Fashioned Rose; (When I'm Walking with My Sweetness) Down Among the Sugarcane; The One That I Love Loves Me; Smiling Irish Eyes; A Wee Bit O' Love; Painting the Clouds with Sunshine; Tiptoe Through the Tulips with Me; I'm a Dreamer - Aren't We All; If I Had a Talking Picture of You; Roll Along Prairie Moon; Headin' Home.

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