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"Here is My Song"

Recordings (not previously available on CD) from 1926 to 1939

© Crystal Stream Audio 2005 IDCD136
Total playing time: 77.04

A Word, Allow Me!; A Song of Tender Mem'ries; The Dear Homeland; Travellers All, of Every Station; Lorraine, Lorraine, Lorrée; The Delaware's Farewell; (a) Allah Be With Us, (b) How Many a Lonely Caravan; Till the Sands of the Desert Grow Cold; Fiddler of Dooney; The Miner's Dream of Home; To the Forest; My Sword and I; Old Jim's Christmas Hymn; Will O' the Wisp; The Arrow and the Song; Sons of the Brave; Dark-Haired Marie; With a Song; Over the Dark Still Silence; Here is My Song; The Boys of the Old Brigade; Song of the Grateful Heart; Wandering the King's Highway; I Heard a Forest Praying.

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