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DON BESTOR and His Orchestra
Volume Two

Recordings from 1934 to 1937

© Crystal Stream Audio 2006 IDCD139
Total playing time: 78.54

Keep on Doin' What You're Doin'; When Tomorrow Comes; Throw Another Log on the Fire; What's Good for the Goose is Good for the Gander; A Thousand Goodnights; Butterfingers; Waitin' at the Gate for Katie; Little Did I Dream; Thank You for a Lovely Evening; In a Little Red Barn ( on a Farm Down in Indiana); A Little Church Around the Corner; Let Me Call You Mine; I'll Close My Eyes to Everyone Else; The Prize Waltz; Rain; Old Skipper; Since We Fell Out of Love; On a Sunday Afternoon; You are My Lucky Star; Animal Crackers in My Soup; The Simple Things in Life; You're a Sweetheart; This Never Happened Before; A Strange Loneliness; Let's Give Love Another Chance.

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DON BESTOR and His Orchestra
Volume One

Victor recordings from 1932 and 1933

© Crystal Stream Audio 2005 IDCD137
Total playing time: 76.32

Sweetheart Hour; Speak to Me of Love; I'm Sure of Everything but You; You Must Believe Me; Shuffle off to Buffalo; Forty-Second Street; Sweetheart Darling; I've Got to Pass Your House to Get to My House; Shadow Waltz; Learn to Croon; Under a Blanket of Blue; Let's Make Up; Moonstruck; The Last Round Up; Be Careful; Gather Lip Rouge While You May; Beloved; Swingy Little Thingy; Beautiful Girl; I'm Dancing on a Rainbow; When the Last Rose of Summer Whispers "Goodbye"; Goodnight; Home on the Range.

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