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JOE LOSS and His Orchestra

JOE LOSS and His Orchestra - Volume Five
Vocals by Chick Henderson, and one each by Clem Stevens and Betty Dale
recordings from 1938 to 1940

© Crystal Stream Audio 2014 IDCD285
Total playing time: 77.12

Once in a While; Got a Pair of New Shoes; Throw Another Log on the Fire; Little Lady Make Believe; Never Break a Promise; Heart and Soul; When Mother Nature Sings Her Lullaby; I Shall Always Remember You Smiling; Grandma Said; Nice People; Between a Kiss and a Sigh; Deep Purple; I Promise You; Little Sir Echo; And the Angels Sing; Somewhere in France with You; So Deep is the Night; Somewhere at Sea; Rosita; Let the People Sing; Safe in My Heart; Who's Taking You Home Tonight; Careless; A Little Rain Must Fall; A Small Café by Notre Dame.

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JOE LOSS and His Orchestra - Volume Four
Vocals by Chick Henderson, Clem Stevens, Harry Case, Monte Ray and Betty Dale
recordings from 1934 and 1937

© Crystal Stream Audio 2014 IDCD284
Total playing time: 78.04

Over My Shoulder; Out in the Cold Again; At the Balalaika; What Will I Tell My Heart; Ev'rything You Do; A Nice Cup of Tea; On the Isle of Kitchymiboko; I Can't Believe it's True; There's Yoo-Hoo in Your Eyes; Keep Calling Me Sweetheart; Swingin' on the Moon; On a Little Dream Ranch; Toodle-oo; Let Us be Sweethearts Again; This Year's Kisses; It Looks Like Rain in Cherry Blossom Lane; The Greatest Mistake of My Life; I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm; On the Avenue - Selection, Parts 1 & 2: Stardust on the Moon; I Know Now; Home Town; In the Mountains of the Moon; A Little Co-operation From You; That Old Feeling.

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JOE LOSS and His Orchestra - Volume Three
Early Chick Henderson (and Clem Stevens)
recordings from 1935 to 1937

© Crystal Stream Audio 2011 IDCD208
Total playing time: 78.00

Wyoming in the Gloaming; Heads or Tails; Star Dust Covered Bundle; My Shadow's Where My Sweetheart Used to Be; Spread it Abroad; You Started Me Dreaming; Until Tomorrow; When Did You Leave Heaven; You've Got to Blow Your Own Trumpet; Six Hits Medley; Did You Mean it?; May I Have the Next Romance with You; In the Chapel in the Moonlight; Head Over Heals in Love; Here's Love in Your Eye; Let's Dance at the Make-Believe Ballroom; Sweet Sue-Just You; Goodnight, My Love; The Night is Young and You're So Beautiful; With a Twinkle in Your Eye; September in the Rain; Let's Call the Whole Thing Off; They Can't Take That Away From Me; Shall We Dance Selection.

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JOE LOSS and His Orchestra - Volume Two
vocals by Sam Browne, Clem Stevens, Monte Rey, Betty Dale, etc.
recordings from 1938 to 1943

© Crystal Stream Audio 2006 IDCD146
Total playing time: 78.08

Got a Pair of New Shoes; Penny Serenade; Rhythm in the Alphabet; There's a New Apple Tree; Beer Barrel Polka; Boomps-A-Daisy; South of the Border; A Little King without a Crown; Whose Little What's-it are You?; The Spitfire Song; Let the Bands Play; Heart to Heart; Hey! Little Hen!; I'll Think of You; Just a Little Cottage; Russian Rose; You Don't Have to Tell Me, I Know; "V" Stands for Victory; St. Mary's in the Twilight; How Green was My Valley; Who, But You; Only You; It Costs So Little (But it Means So Much); Why Don't You Fall in Love with Me?; I'm Going to Get Lit Up.

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JOE LOSS and His Orchestra - Volume One
vocals by Chick Henderson
recordings from 1936 to 1941

© Crystal Stream Audio 2006 IDCD141
Total playing time: 78.17

There's a New World; When the Poppies Bloom Again; So Rare; You Can't Stop Me from Dreaming; When I Heard the Organ Play; Good-Night, Sweet Dreams, Good-Night; Alexander's Ragtime Band Medley; Romany; The Park Parade; Home at Sundown; Our Love; Begin the Beguine; Shabby Old Cabby; How Ashamed I Was!; The Night That You were Born; Till the Lights of London Shine Again; Blue Orchids; The Black Out Stroll; (Forever) I'll Remember; Starlight Serenade; Violin; Dear Old Lady, London Town; Pals; Mister Brown of London Town.

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