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"Hello Sunshine"

Recordings from 1919 to 1942

© Crystal Stream Audio 2006 IDCD144
Total playing time: 76.51

You'd Be Surprised; The Argentines, the Portugese and the Greeks; Noah's Wife Lived a Wonderful Life; Anna in Indiana; Oh! Gee, Oh! Gosh, Oh! Golly I'm in Love; Eddie (Steady); Makin' Whoopee; Hungry Women; Hello, Sunshine, Hello; If I Give Up the Saxophone; There's Nothing Too Good for My Baby; What a Perfect Combination; Look What You've Done; Over Somebody Else's Shoulder; The Man on the Flying Trapeze; Mandy; Earful of Music; When My Ship Comes In; Okay Toots; That's the Kind of Baby for Me; Making the Best of Each Day; Lambeth Walk; (a) Little Lady Make-Believe, (b) Says My Heart; If You Knew Suzie (Like I Know Suzie); Margie; Yes Sir, That's My Baby; Now's the Time to Fall in Love.

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