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TED LEWIS and His Band
Volume Three
"Some of These Days"

Recordings from 1922 to 1934

© Crystal Stream Audio 2015 IDCD302
Total playing time: 79.45

Hot Lips; I Love You, Sweet Angeline; That Certain Party; That's Why I Love You; Where'd You Get Those Eyes?; Tiger Rag; Blues (My Naughty Sweetie Gives Me); I Can't Get Over a Girl Like You; Some of These Days; Wandering in Dreamland; Lily; The Memphis Blues; Beale Street Blues; Away Down South in Heaven; Keep Sweeping the Cobwebs off the Moon; When the Curtain Comes Down; I'm Waking Around in a Dream; Maybe - Who Knows?; Lady Luck; Lonely Troubadour; On the Sunny Side of the Street; The World is Waiting for the Sunrise; Somebody Stole My Gal; Have You Ever Been Lonely?; Pop Goes Your Heart; Happiness Ahead.

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TED LEWIS and His Band
Volume Two
"One More Time"

Recordings from 1921 to 1938

© Crystal Stream Audio 2006 IDCD149
Total playing time: 76.24

Ma - Intro: When the Honeymoon is Over; Rosy Posy; Tin Roof Blues; Angry; Poor Papa; Iyone, My Own Iyone; If You See Sally; Wah! Wah!; Darktown Strutter's Ball; Frankie and Johnny; Alexander's Ragtime Band; Hello, Montreal!; Laugh, Clown! Laugh!; Clarinet Marmalade; Limehouse Blues; Glad Rag Doll; My Love Song; Through! (How Can You Say We're Through?); Harmonica Harry; One More Time; Ho Hum!; If I Had a Million Dollars; Isn't it a Shame; The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi; Goodnight.

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TED LEWIS and His Band
Volume One
"Start the Band"

Recordings from 1921 to 1941

© Crystal Stream Audio 2006 IDCD145
Total playing time: 78.41

Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes; Everybody Step; Say, Arabella; I Miss My Swiss; While We Danced Till Dawn; Just Around the Corner; Drifting and Dreaming; My Mamma's in Town; I Can't Get Over a Girl Like You; Fifty Million Frenchmen Can't be Wrong; One Sweet Letter from You; Down the Old Church Aisle; Is Everybody Happy Now?; Good Night; Mary Ann; Start the Band; Oh, Baby; Wear a Hat with a Silver Lining; She's Funny That Way; Roses of Picardy; Russian Lullaby; You've Got That Thing; Royal Garden Blues; Dallas Blues; Just Around the Corner; Down the Old Church Aisle.

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