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ARTHUR LALLY and His Orchestra

ARTHUR LALLY and His Orchestra
Recordings from 1929 to 1932

© Crystal Stream Audio 2008 IDCD162
Total playing time: 77.36
Featuring vocals by Maurice Elwin, Cavan O'Connor, Sam Browne & Al Bowlly.

Honey; Tip-Toe Through the Tulips; In a Kitchenette; When the Little Red Roses; Elizabeth; Don't Pose as a Saint; I'll Make a Happy Landing; Desert Lover; Round About the middle of June; Hilltop Heaven; The Night You Gave Me Back the Ring; Songs That are Old Live Forever; Tell Tales; My Girl Don't Love Me Anymore; Sailin' on the Robert E. Lee; The Turning of the Tide; A Hiking Holiday with Bert Feldman; Drums in My Heart; Ev'ry Day's a Lucky Day; We've Got the Moon and Sixpence; Dance of the Cuckoos; This is My Love Song; Hello Mike; Looking on the Bright Side; Wicked Mr. Punch.

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