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Female singers from the movies

Recordings from 1929 to 1950

© Crystal Stream Audio 2009 IDCD174
Total playing time: 77.43

Jeanette MacDonald - Dream Lover; The Merry Widow Waltz. Grace Moore - Ciribiribin; One Night of Love. Irene Dunne - When I Grow too Old to Dream. Ginger Rogers - No Strings; Isn't This a Lovely Day. Virginia Bruce - I've Got You Under My Skin; Easy to Love. Alice Faye - This Year's Kisses; Slumming on Park Avenue. Dorothy Lamour - Moonlight and Shadows; Panamania. Judy Garland - Everybody Sing; Dear Mr. Gable (You Made Me Love You). Frances Langford - The Man with the Mandolin; When You Wish Upon a Star. Deanna Durbin - Waltzing in the Clouds; When April Sings. Carmen Miranda - Mam Eu Quero (I Want My Mama); Chici, Chici, Boom Chic. Virginia O'Brien - Say That We're Sweethearts again. Ethel Smith - Tico - Tico. Rhonda Fleming - When is Sometime. Gloria DeHaven - I See a Million People; If I were a Blackbird.

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