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British Dance Band Vocalists

Recordings from the early 1930s

© Crystal Stream Audio 2009 IDCD178
Total playing time: 69.52

Faithfully Yours; I Love You More and More; I Found You; It's the Girl; I Don't Know Why; One Little Quarrel; Won't You Come Home Bill Bailey; You'll Find Out; Day by Day; My Sunny Monterey; Luana; Please Don't Mention it; Where are You (Girl of My Dreams); We're a Couple of Soldiers (My Baby and Me); Let's Put Out the Light; Please; Keep Your Last Goodnight for Me; There's an Organ Playing in My Dreams; Just an Echo in the Valley; What More Can I Ask; In Santa Lucia; Sittin' in the Dark; Have You Ever Been Lonely? (Have You Ever Been Blue?); It's the Talk of the Town; Happy and Contented; On a Steamer Coming Over.

Duets featuring Sam Browne, Anona Winn, Al Bowlly, Eve Becke, Maurice Elwin, Billie Lockwood, Cavan O'Connor, Phyllis Robins, Jack Plant, Elsie Carlisle, Dan Donovan & Les Allen. Also the bands of Ambrose, Ray Noble, Carroll Gibbons, Jay Wilbur & Henry Hall.

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