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From Magic to Murder

British Variety recordings from 1929 to 1945

© Crystal Stream Audio 2009 IDCD179
Total playing time: 78.24

Songs from the musical of ALICE IN WONDERLAND & THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS: You are Old Father William; Speak Roughly to Your Little Boy; When the Wind is in the East; Beautiful Soup; The Mulberry Bush; Humpty Dumpty; Wake to the Wonderland Dream; Naughty Little Bunny; Will You Join the Dance; 'Tis the Voice of the Lobster; Twiddle Thumbs; Nobody; The Lion and the Unicorn; Haddock's Eyes; Awake Alice. TOAD of TOAD HALL; MARIA MARTEN (or The Murder in the Red Barn); GOOD OLD DANCES.

Featuring Arthur Askey, Robertson Hare, Leslie Henson, Stanley Holloway, Ronald Frankau, Ann Stephens, Tommy Handley, Tommy Trinder, Jack Hylton and more.

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