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'By a Waterfall'

Recordings from 1933 to 1937

© Crystal Stream Audio 2009 IDCD187
Total playing time: 78.13

By a Waterfall; The Road is Open Again; Lonely Lane; Honeymoon Hotel; Why Do I Dream Those Dreams?; Wonder Bar; I'll String Along with You; Pop! Goes My Heart; I See Two Lovers; Mr. and Mrs. is the Name; Happiness Ahead; Beauty Must be Loved; Flirtation Walk; I'm Goin' Shopping with You; Lulu's Back in Town; The Rose in Her Hair; Lonely Gondolier; Don't Give Up the Ship; I've Got a Pocketful of Sunshine; I'm Sittin' High on a Hill-Top; My Kingdom for a Kiss; You Can't Run Away from Love Tonight; 'Cause My Baby Says it's So; I Know Now; You've Got Something There; Love is on the Air Tonight.

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