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and His Casa Lopez Orchetra

Recordings from 1922 to 1928

© Crystal Stream Audio 2010 IDCD196
Total playing time: 79.33

Nola; Come Back to Me (When They Throw You Down); One the Radio; Could I?-I Certainly Could; Adorable; Show That Fellow the Door; Honey Bunch; Scatter Your Smiles; Lay Me Down to Sleep in Carolina; Hello Bluebird; I'm on My Way Home; Ev'rything's Made for Love; Song of the Wanderer; Blue Skies; Since I Found You; A Lane in Spain; I'll Just Go Along; Just a Memory; Are You Happy?; Kiss and Make Up; Without You Sweetheart; Call of Broadway; There Must be a Silver Lining; Sunshine; Bluebird, Why Don't You Call on Me?; My Angel (Angela Mia).

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