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Songs from the Shows

Recordings from 1925 to 1928

© Crystal Stream Audio 2010 IDCD198
Total playing time: 79.37

Victor Light Opera Company - Gems from ROSE MARIE; Gems from NO NO NANETTE; Gems from THE STUDENT PRINCE OF HEIDELBERG; Gems from PRINCESS FLAVIA; Gems from DEAREST ENEMY; Gems from SUNNY; Gems from COCOANUTS; Gems from MERRY MERRY; Gems from THE DESERT SONG; Gems from HONEYMOON LANE; THE NEW MOON Vocal Gems; WHOOPEE Vocal Gems; FOLLOW THROUGH Vocal Gems; Victor Salon Group - HOLD EVERYTHING Vocal Gems; Paul Whiteman & His Concert Orch - SHOW BOAT Selection; Victor Arden - Phil Ohman & Their Orch - Selections from GOOD NEWS; Selections from FUNNY FACE; Warren Mills & His Blue Serenaders - Gems from BLACKBIRDS OF 1928.

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