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and the Savoy Hotel Orpheans

Recordings from 1931 and 1932

© Crystal Stream Audio 2010 IDCD206
Total playing time: 77.41

There's a Time and Place for Everything; Sweet and Lovely; Who Am I?; Linda; Song of Songs; You are My Heart's Delight; I Wanna Be Loved by You; Alone with My Dreams; I Apologise; I Don't Know Why (I Just Do); A Faded Summer Love; You're Blasť; Oh Mo'nah; Mona Lisa; Actions Speak Louder Than Words; Sunshine and Roses; One Little Quarrel; Home; All of Me; As Time Goes By; Sweetheart (in My Dreams Tonight); Save the Last Dance for Me; Granny's Photo Album; Kiss by Kiss; We'll Be Together Again.

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