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GEORGE OLSEN and His Music
Volume Two
'A Precious Little Thing Called Love'
Recordings from 1928 to 1930

© Crystal Stream Audio 2014 IDCD287
Total playing time: 79.42

Old Man Sunshine, Little Boy Bluebird; Driftwood; Ten Little Miles From Town; King for a Day; Where Were You, Where Was I? (Exactly Where We are); Sonny Boy; A Precious Little Thing Called Love; Where the Shy Little Violets Grow; Makin' Whoopee!; Until You Get Somebody Else; I'll Never Ask for More; When the Word is at Rest; Breakaway; Big City Blues; I'm in Seventh Heaven; If You Believed in Me; Song of the Moonbeams; South Sea Rose; Romance; After a Million Dreams; Mona; I'm in the Market for You; It Happened in Monterey; When the Little Res Roses Get the Blues for You; Sing a Little Theme Song; The Song of the Dawn.

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GEORGE OLSEN and His Music
Volume One
'Just a Little Thing Called Rhythm'
Recordings from 1925 to 1928

© Crystal Stream Audio 2010 IDCD207
Total playing time: 77.12

Save Your Sorrow for Tomorrow; Just a Little Thing Called Rhythm; She was Just a Sailor's Sweetheart; All for You; The Girl Friend; Let's Make Up; Hello, Aloha! How are You?; What's the Use of Talking; Bye-Bye Blackbird; Lucky Day; Why Do You Want to Know?; You Need Someone to Love; Where'd You Get Those Eyes; Hi-Diddle-Diddle; I'm Tellin' the Birds - Tellin' the Bees; Someone to Watch Over Me; Blue Skies; At Sundown; Lucky in Love; Good News; The Varsity Dag; The Best Things in Life are Free; Because My Baby Don't Mean Maybe Now; Just Like a Melody Out of the Sky; Pickin' Cotton.

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