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With the bands of Roy Fox and Jack Hylton
'Over My Shoulder'

Recordings from 1933 to 193

© Crystal Stream Audio 2011 IDCD210
Total playing time: 78.46

We'll All Go Riding on a Rainbow; The Bands That Matter; Without That Certain Thing; Lonely Lane; Over My Shoulder; Dream Man; Tiny Little Finger Prints; Alexander's Ragtime Band; You've Got the Wrong Rhumba; Jack Hylton Throws a Party - Part One; When You Dream About Hawaii; Now it Can Be Told; Cinderella Sweetheart; I'm Singing a Song for the Old Folks; There's a New Apple Tree; I Shall Always Remember You Smiling; I Can't Get You Out of My Mind; Gypsey Tears; Summer Sweetheart; Sing My Heart Our Love; That Sly Old Gentleman; My Prayer.

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