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BERT LOWN and His Hotel Biltmore Orchestra

BERT LOWN and His Hotel Biltmore Orchestra
'Bye Bye Blues'

Recordings from 1930 and 1931

© Crystal Stream Audio 2011 IDCD212
Total playing time: 79.08

I Love You, Believe Me, I Love You; Through; Hello Baby; I Never Dreamt (You'd Fall in Love with Me); Blue is the Night; Bye Bye Blues (Hit-of-the-Week); Bye Bye Blues (Columbia); I'm Yours; Here Comes the Sun; Loving You the Way I Do; The Penalty of Love; You're Simply Delish; And Then Your Lips Met Mine; Crying Myself to Sleep; Lonesome Lover; To Whom it May Concern; Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone; When Your Lover Has Gone; When I Take My Sugar to Tea; Now You're in My Arms; I Wanna Sing About You; Never; I'm Painting Pictures; June Time is Love Time; Sweet Summer Breeze.

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