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BEN BERNIE and His Orchestra
'The Old Maestro of the Mountain'
53 recordings from 1923 to 1936
Crystal Stream Audio 2018
IDCD399 Total playing time: 78.42
IDCD400 Total playing time: 79.18
Double CD
FIRST CD: Wildflower; I Can't Get the One I Want; Doodle-Doo-Doo; Manda; Oh! Lady Be Good; I'll See You in My Dreams; Keep Smiling at Trouble; Headin' for Louisville; A Little Bit Bad; Sleepy Time Gal; The Rose Brought Me You; Somebody's Lonely; Reaching for the Moon; Cherie, I Love You; Half a Moon; The Little White House; I'm Tellin' the Birds, Tellin' the Bees; Lonely Eyes; Who'll Be the One; Hello Swanee, Hello; Ain't She Sweet; Underneath the Weeping Willow; Miss Annabelle Lee; Swanee Shore; Carefree; Mine, All Mine; Fascination.
SECOND CD: Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man; Speedy Boy; Rhythm King; I'll Get By; Glad Rag Doll; My Castle in Spain is a Shack in the Lane; Here We Are; There's Too Many Eyes Making Eyes Making Eyes at the Girl I Love; Satisfied; Bottoms Up; She's Such a Comfort to Me; Telling it to the Daisies; It Must Be You; A Peach of a Pair; Confessin' (That I Love You); The King's Horses (and the King's Men); The River and Me; The Sleepy-Town Express; I Have to Laugh (When I Think How I Danced with Tears in My Eyes Over You); Who's Your Little Who-Zis?; Think of Me; Way Out West in Kansas; The Old Man of the Mountain; Shanghai Lil; A Star Fell Out of Heaven; San Francisco.

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BEN BERNIE and His Hotel Roosevelt Orchestra
Recordings from 1926 to 1931

© Crystal Stream Audio 2012 IDCD227
Total playing time: 79.31

Fallen Arches; Bell Hoppin' Blues; Up and at 'Em; Calling Me Home; Someone is Losin' Susan; If I'd Only Believed in You; He's the Last Word; Muddy Water; I'm Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover; Ain't She Sweet; Dream Kisses; Borneo; Hindustan; When Polly Walks Through the Hollyhocks; Ten Little Miles from Town; Cannon Ball Rag; Rose of Yesterday; It Goes Like This; Button Up Your Overcoat; I Want to Be Bad; Coquette; Till We Meet; Used to You; Why Can't You?; Reminiscing; When Your Lover has Gone; One More Time.

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