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HAL KEMP and His Orchestra

HAL KEMP and His Orchestra
Volume One
'Some Sweet Day'
Recordings from 1927 to 1931

© Crystal Stream Audio 2012 IDCD233
Total playing time: 79.00

Brown Sugar; A Little Girl, A Little Boy, a Little Moon; Mary Dear (I Miss You Most of All); Go, Joe, Go; Mary Ann; Collegiana; She's a Great, Great Girl; Get Out and Get Under the Moon; Washington and Lee Swing; She's Funny That Way; Carolina Moon; (You Can't Take Away) The Things That were Made for Love; That's What I Call Heaven; Some Sweet Day; To Be in Love (Espesh'lly with You); When My Dreams Come True; In the Hush of the Night; Where are You, Dream Girl?; Can't You Hear Me Calling, Caroline?; If I Had a Girl Like You; She Loves Me Just the Same; Hurt; By Special Permission of the Copyright Owner (I Love You); I've Got a Sweet Somebody to Love Me; I'm Mad About You; I Found a Million Dollar Baby.

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HAL KEMP and His Orchestra
Volume Two
'Got a Date with an Angel'
Recordings from 1932 to 1934

© Crystal Stream Audio 2012 IDCD234
Total playing time: 78.07

Forty-Second Street; Look Who's Here; It's Winter Again; Shuffle Off to Buffalo; It's All My Fault; Lovey; I've Got to Sing a Torch Song; Remember My Forgotten Man; In a Little Second-Hand Store; Living in Doubt; Pettin' in the Park; The Gold Digger's Song; My Own; Bolero; I Couldn't Tell Them What to Do; It Might Have Been a Different Story; It's Only a Paper Moon; Nasty Man; Love in Bloom; Straight from the Shoulder; For All We Know; I See Two Lovers; Flirtation Walk; Got a Date with an Angel; Hands Across the Table; You're the Top.

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HAL KEMP and His Orchestra
Volume Three
'Sweet is the Word for You'
Recordings from 1935 to 1937

© Crystal Stream Audio 2012 IDCD235
Total playing time: 77.50

The Jazz Me Blues; Lullaby of Broadway; I'm Going Shopping with You; Restless; One Upon a Midnight; Dodging a Divorcee; In the Middle of a Kiss; From the Top of Your Head; Without a Word of Warning; Where am I? (Am I in Heaven?); Broadway Cinderella; I Feel Like a Feather in the Breeze; Life Begins at Sweet Sixteen; I'm the Fellow Who Loves You; Dinner for One, Please James; The Bride Comes Home; Gloomy Sunday; Desire; Got to Dance My Way to Heaven; On a Typical Tropical Night; I was Saying to the Moon; What Will I Tell My Heart; Sweet is the Word for You; A Message from the Man in the Moon; The Love Bug Will Bite You (If You Don't Watch Out).

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HAL KEMP and His Orchestra
Volume Four
'Goodnight Angel'
Recordings from 1937 to 1939

© Crystal Stream Audio 2012 IDCD236
Total playing time: 79.10

Stop, You're Breaking My Heart; Whispers in the Dark; Powerhouse; It's the Natural Thing to Do; The Moon Got in My Eyes; The Loveliness of You; Danger, Love at Work; Got a Date with an Angel; I'd Like to See Some More of Samoa; I Still Love to Kiss You Goodnight; A Foggy Day in London Town; Things are Looking Up; Take a Tip From the Tulip; Speak Your Heart; In Dutch with the Duchess; Goodnight Angel; Swingin' in the Corn; I've Got a Pocketful of Dreams; Don't Let That Moon Get Away; The Night is Filled with Music; I Used to Be Color Blind; If I Loved You More; Like a Monkey Likes Coconuts; It's All So New to Me; Blue Italian Waters.

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