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LONDON Piano Accordion Band
Recordings from 1932 to 1940

© Crystal Stream Audio 2012 IDCD241
Total playing time: 78.15

Fleurette; Paradise; Throw Another Log on the Fire; Waltzing with You in My Arms; I'm Lonesome for You Caroline; The Continental; La Cucaracha; Rain; Roll Along Prairie Moon; The Wheel of the Wagon is Broken; Sympathy Waltz; The Whistling Waltz; Please Believe Me; It's a Sin to Tell a Lie; Mexicana Flo from Mexico; The Greatest Mistake of My Life; Was it Rain?; Flanagan and Allen Memories; Never Break a Promise; Ten Little Miles from Town; One Day When We were Young; The Park Parade; Beer Barrel Polka; They Call Me a Dreamer; Am I for You?

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