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JOHNNY GREEN and His Orchestra

and His Orchestra

Recordings from 1934 to 1944

© Crystal Stream Audio 2013 IDCD249
Total playing time: 79.39

Live and Love Tonight; Easy Come, Easy Go; Repeal the Blues; Cocktails for Two; Two Cigarettes in the Dark; A New Moon is Over My Shoulder; Tiny Little Finger Prints; Lovely to Look At; Beyond the Shadow of a Doubt; Living in Velvet; I Won't Dance; She's a Latin From Manhattan; About a Quarter to Nine; A Mile a Minute; Love Me Forever; I've Got a Heavy Date; I Didn't Know What Time it Was; Give it Back to the Indians; I Walk with Music; It's a Lovely Day Tomorrow; It'll Come to You; Coquette; I'm Yours; Body and Soul; I Cover the Waterfront; The Steam is on the Beam.

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