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FEMALE ENTERTAINERS from the 1920s and 1930s

53 recordings by female entertainers from 1926 to 1939
©Crystal Stream Audio 2013
IDCD263 Total playing time: 79.44
IDCD264 Total playing time: 79.50
Double CD
FIRST CD: Jane Green: My Castle in Spain; Honey Bunch; I'm Gonna Meet My Sweetie Now; Vaughn DeLeath: Looking at the World Thru Rose Colored Glasses; The Good Bad Girl; Fanny Brice: The Song of the Sewing Machine; My Man; Aunt Jemima (Tess Gardelle): Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man; Didn't I Tell You? (That You'd Come Back); Irene Bordoni: The Land of Going-to-be; Don't Look at Me That Way; Sophie Tucker: He Hadn't Up Till Yesterday; Aren't Women Wonderful; I Don't Want to Get Thin; Polly Walker: Where Were You - Where was I?; Billie; Zelma O'Neal: What Did Ya Wanna Make Me Love You For?; Do Something; Betty Bolton: Evening Star, Help Me Find My Man; Ready for the River; Lupé Velez: Mi Amado (My Beloved); Where is the Song of Songs for Me; Gloria Swanson: Love (Your Spell is Everywhere); Mildred Hunt: S'Posin'; Bebe Daniels: You're Always in My Arms (But Only in My Dreams); Libby Holman: Why Was I Born?
SECOND CD: Helen Rowland: Would You Like to Take a Walk; Marion Harris: My Canary has Circles Under His Eyes; Lee Morse: Love Letters in the Sand; Renate Müller: To-Day I Feel So Happy; Sylvia Froos: You Didn't Know the Music (and I Didn't Know the Words); Mae West: A Guy What Takes His Time; Easy Rider; Connie Boswell: It's the Talk of the Town; This Time it's Love; Gertrude Niesen: Smoke Gets in Your Eyes; Aileen Stanley: Who Walks In When I Walk Out?; Greta Keller: For All We Know; Irene Dunne: Lovely to Look At; Eleanor Powell: You are My Lucky Star; Mae Questal: Polly-Wolly-Doodle; Frances Day: Swing; Mildred Bailey: More Than You Know; Alice Faye: Goodnight My Love; Jessie Matthews: There's That Look in Your Eyes Again; Josephine Baker: I've Got You Under My Skin; Nan Wynn: Think it Over; Joan Crawford: I'm in Love with the Honorable Mr. So and So; It's All New to Me; Shirley Ross: That Certain Feeling; Dorothy Lamour: Come Love; Gloria Jean: Annie Laurie; Marlene Dietrich: The Boys in the Back Room.

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