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EARL BURTNETT and His Orchestra

and His Orchestra

Recordings from 1926 to 1934

© Crystal Stream Audio 2014 IDCD273
Total playing time: 78.42

Song of the Wanderer; On the Road to Mandalay; The Doll Dance; If I Hadn't You; Happy; Sally of My Dreams; You were Meant for Me; Broadway Melody; I'm Walking Around in a Dream; Orange Blossom Time; Singin' in the Rain; Got a Feelin' for You; Low Down Rhythm; If I Had a Talking Picture of You; Sunny Side Up; I'm a Dreamer, Aren't We All?; Look What You've Done to Me; Parade of the Blues; Reach for a Rainbow; Puttin' on the Ritz; When the Little Red Roses Get the Blues for You; So Beats My Heart for You; Say "Oui" Cherie; Imagine; I've Found What I Wanted in You; Neighbors.

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