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RUSS MORGAN and His Orchestra

RUSS MORGAN and His Orchestra
Volume Three
'Getting Some Fun Out of Life'
Recordings from 1936 to 1938

© Crystal Stream Audio 2016 IDCD341
Total playing time: 78.28

To You Sweetheart, Aloha; Who Loves You?; With Thee I Swing; Buzz Mirandy; Basin Street Blues; Goodbye Jonah; If You Were Someone Else; Getting Some Fun Out of Life; I Want You for Christmas; Broadways Gone Hawaii; The Cross-Eyed Cowboy on the Cross-Eyed Horse; How Many Rhymes Can You Get; The Greatest Mistake of My Life; Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen; I Double Dare You; A Little White Lighthouse; Two Dreams Got Together; Moonlight on the Sunset; Two Bouquets; Flower of the Dawn; Casing the Mouse; Oooo Oh Boom!; Jezebel; Drop a Nickel in the Slot; It's Easier Said Than Done; Joseph, Joseph; Way Down Yonder in New Orleans.

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RUSS MORGAN and His Orchestra
Volume Two
'Goes Your Heart Beat for Me'
Recordings from 1936 and 1937

© Crystal Stream Audio 2014 IDCD280
Total playing time: 77.33

The Hills of Old Wyomin'; It's a Sin to Tell a Lie; Let's Sing Again; Does Your Heart Beat for Me; You Can't Pull the Wool Over My Eyes; I Found a Rose; Twilight on the Trail; Scared; Wabash Blues; Linger Awhile (Intro: Stumbling); I Can't Escape from You; Empty Saddles; Fancy Meeting You; Midnight Blue; I'll Sing You a Thousand Love Songs; It's D'Lovely; Sweet Violets (covered All Over with Snow); Wintertime Dreams; Gee, But You're Swell; If My Heart Could Only Talk; My Little Buckeroo; Swing High, Swing Low; Blue Hawaii; The Loveliness of You; Till the Clock Strikes Three.

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RUSS MORGAN and His Orchestra
Volume One
Recordings from 1930 to 1935

© Crystal Stream Audio 2014 IDCD275
Total playing time: 79.13

Washin' the Blues From My Soul; When the Organ Played at Twilight; Little Sunshine; Irresistible; Were You Foolin'?; Must We Say Goodnight; Be Still, My Heart; Blue Moon; I'm Going Shopping with You; The Words are in My Heart; I Threw a Bean Bag at the Moon; It's You I Adore; I Was Lucky; The Hunkadoola; My Heart is an Open Book; Let Me Sing You to Sleep with a Love Song; According to the Moonlight; Rhythm of the Rain; Quintuplets' Lullaby; Flowers for Madame; The Image of You; Santa Claus is Comin' to Town; Take Me Back to My Boots and Saddle; On Treasure Island; The Wedding of Jack and Jill; Sweet Thing.

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