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and His Orchestra
Recordings from 1927 to 1930
(and four from 1936)
Crystal Stream Audio 2014
IDCD283 Total playing time: 78.18
Singin' the Blues; Way Down Yonder in New Orleans; There'll Come a Time; Mississippi Mud; Louise; Wait Till You See Ma Cherie; Baby, Won't You Please Come Home?; No One Can Take Your Place; Nobody But You; Got a Feelin' for You; Shivery Stomp; Reaching for Someone (and Not Finding Anyone There); How am I to Know?; Turn on the Heat; Manhattan Rag; Sunny Side Up; My Sweeter Than Sweet; What Wouldn't I Do for That Man; Happy Feet; Deep Harlem; Hittin' the Bottle; Somebody Loves Me; The Mayor of Alabam'; Ain't Misbehavin'; S'Wonderful.

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