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JOHNY HAMP'S Kentucky Serenaders
Recordings from 1925 to 1929

© Crystal Stream Audio 2015 IDCD314
Total playing time: 78.21

Cecilia; Nobody But Fanny; Oh! Say! Can I See You Tonight; Angry; Black Bottom; That's Why I Love You; I Can't Get Over a Girl Like You (Loving a Boy Like Me); Gone Again Gal; I Haven't Told Her, She Hasn't Told Me; Gorgeous; Is it Possible?; I'm Afraid You Sing That Song to Somebody Else; Dawning; I Fell Head Over Heels in Love; What'll You Do?; The Sunrise; Oh! Look at That Baby; I Can't Give You Anything But Love; If You Don't Love Me; Blue Grass; Blue Shadows; Avalon Town; Sunny Side Up; Nobody Cares if I'm Blue; If I Had a Talking Picture of You; Lady Luck.

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