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SYDNEY KYTE and His Piccadilly Hotel Band

SYDNEY KYTE and His Piccadilly Hotel Band
'Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries'

Recordings from 1931 and 1932

© Crystal Stream Audio 2015 IDCD318
Total playing time: 77.06

This is the Missus; Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries; Guilty; Close Your Eyes; That's Why Darkies were Born; Me; Just Once for All Time; Yes! Yes! (My Baby Said "Yes Yes"); Live, Laugh and Love; Tom Thumb's Drum; Starlight Serenade; There's Nothing Too Good for My Baby; Sunshine Susie - Selection; Congress Dances - Selection; Hold My Hand - Selection; Bow Bells - Selection; My Bluebird's Back Again; Whistling Waltz; Tell Tales; Fire in My Heart; One Hour with You; Lovable; Paradise; The Sun has Got Its Hat On; Three's a Crowd; Sweethearts Forever.

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