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'Everything is Hotsy Totsy Now'

Recordings from 1925 to 1929

© Crystal Stream Audio 2016 IDCD333
Total playing time: 79.54

I'm Gonna Charleston Back to Charleston; Yes Sir! That's My Baby; Dreaming of Tomorrow; Hong Kong Dream Girl; Who Wouldn't Love You; That's All There Is (There Ain't No More); Everything is Hotsy Totsy Now; Flamin' Mamie; Everything's Gonna Be All Right; My Baby Knows How; Brainstorm; I Need Lovin'; I Ain't Got Nobody; Roodles; Louder and Funnier; Hallucinations; Stay Out of the South; Oh! You Have No Idea; Too Busy; Blazin'; Down Where the Sun Goes Down; My Suppressed Desire; Smilin' Skies; Kansas City Kitty; And Especially You; The Fippety Flop.

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