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TED WEEMS and His Orchestra

and His Orchestra
'Bye Bye Baby'
52 recordings from 1926 to 1941
Crystal Stream Audio 2019
IDCD418 Total playing time: 77.17
IDCD419 Total playing time: 76.17
Double CD
FIRST CD: Climbing Up the Ladder of Love; Miss Annabelle Lee; Who Wouldn't Be Blue; Come On, Baby; Anything Your Heart Desires; Me and the Man in the Moon; All That I'm Asking is Sympathy; Harmonica Harry; Collegiate Love; Mysterious Mose; Slappin' the Bass; Washing Dishes with My Sweetie; Sing (A Happy Little Thing); A Girl Friend of a Boy Friend of Mine; I Still Get a Thrill; My Baby Just Cares for Me; The One Man Band; Egyptian Ella; Walkin' My Baby Back Home; When You were the Blossom of Buttercup Lane (and I was the Boy Next Door); I Lost My Gal Again; Oh! Mo'nah; I Love to Hear a Military Band; I'm for You a Hundred Percent; That's What I Like About You; She's So Nice.
SECOND CD: At the Baby Parade; Out of the Night; I'll Keep Warm All Winter; I'm Growing Fonder of You; The Martins and the Coys; When a Lady Meets a Gentleman Down South; Until Today; The Five Piece Band; Fooled By the Moon; Bye Bye Baby; Goodnight, Sweet Dreams, Goodnight; Sissy; Three Shif'less Skonks; In My Little Red Book; A Shack in the Back of the Hills; Juliana; Heartaches; Ad De Day (The Song of the Cuban Money Divers); Poor Pinocchio's Nose; Class Will Tell; Goody Goodbye; Jiminy Cricket; Monstro the Whale; There'll Be Some Changes Made; Rose of the Rockies; Salud Dinero Y Amor (Health Wealth and Love).

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TED WEEMS and His Orchestra

Recordings from 1925 to 1929

© Crystal Stream Audio 2016 IDCD334
Total playing time: 79.31

Lonesome; Smile a Little Bit; The Day That I Met You; Oh! If I Only Had You; That's My Girl; Chcik, Chick, Chick, Chick, Chicken (Lay a Little Egg for Me); She's Got "It"; Marvelous; She'll Never Find a Fellow Like Me; Roam On, My Little Gypsy Sweetheart; From Saturday Night to Monday Morning; Cobble Stones; Everybody Loves My Girl; He's Tall, Dark and Handsome; Nothin' on My Mind (but Moonlight, the Starlight and You); Flower of Love; (You're Just a Great Big) Baby Doll; If You Want the Rainbow (You Must Have the Rain); I Found You "Out" When I Found You "In" Somebody Else's Arms; You're the Cream in My Coffee; Sophomore Prom; I Don't Want Your Kisses (If I Can't Have Your Love); Good Morning, Good Evening, Good Night; Here We Are; Piccolo Pete; Miss Wonderful; Remarkable Girl.

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