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Directed by Wallace Theodore 'Ed' Kirkeby
Recordings from 1922 to 1931

© Crystal Stream Audio 2016 IDCD344
Total playing time: 78.44

Teddy Bear Blues; Melancholy; Then I'll Be Happy; I'd Climb the Highest Mountain; Under the Ukulele Tree; No Foolin'; The Girl Friend; Me Too; Lazy Weather; Magnolia; Just Another Day Wasted Away; Make My Cot Where the Cot-Cot-Cotton Grows; Mine, All Mine; The Pay Off; Whisper Sweet and Low; My Love Parade; I'm Needin' You; Washin' the Blues From My Soul; I Love You So Much; Fr' Instance; The King's Horses; The Sleepy Town Express; Fiesta; On a Night Made for Love; Home.

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