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SYD LIPTON and His Grosvenor House Band

SYD LIPTON and His Grosvenor House Band
'Night Shall be Filled with Music'
51 recordings from 1932 to 1940

Crystal Stream Audio 2017
IDCD364 Total playing time: 76.26
IDCD365 Total playing time: 75.48
Double CD
FIRST CD: For You, Just You, My Baby; The Sun Has Got His Hat On; Night Shall be Filled with Music; Pagan Moon; Marta; Ooh! That Kiss; Happy-Go-Lucky You, Broken-Hearted Me; Masquerade; Sweethearts Forever; Three's a Crowd; Liszt, Chopin, Mendelssohn; Looking on the Bright Side; After Tonight We Say Goodbye; I'm Positively in Love; Were a Couple of Soldiers, My Bay and Me; Let's Put Out the Light and Go to Sleep; You Can't on a Big Bass Drum; Love Me Tonight - Selection, Parts 1 & 2; Her Name is Mary; Where is This Lady? How Can You Say No?; I Can't Write the Words; Ev'ry Woman Thinks She Wants to Wander; When Anybody Plays or Sings; Hey, Young Fella.
SECOND CD: I'm Playing with Fire; In the Moonlight; What a Perfect Combination; Sundown in a Little Green Hollow; Ina Little Second Hand Store; The School Song; I've Told Every Little Star; We Belong Together; All for a Shilling a Day; Up the Old Nankovians; All for a Shilling a Day; Cowboy; Harlem; Amoresque; Manhattan Holiday; Souvenir of Love; Trusting My Luck; Run, Rabbit, Run; Down at the Hole in the Wall; I Shall Be Waiting; Arm in Arm; The Same old Lover's Lane; Memories Live Longer Than Dreams; Mist on the River; I'm Spending Christmas with the Old Folks.

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