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Volume Two

© Crystal Stream Audio 2004 IDCD120
Total playing time: 79.15

Is it True What They Say About Dixie?; Old Fashioned Waltz Medley; See Me Dance the Polka; Happy Dreams, Happy Times, Goodnight; Sailer! Where art Thou?; The Palais Glide; Trusting My Luck; Souvenir of Love; London is Saying Goodnight; The Moon of Manakoora; Strike Up the Band; The Red Maple Leaves; The Hornpipe Swing; St. Bernard Waltz; The Blue Danube; Half-way Down the Street; All Over the Place; What Do We Care?; Don't Ever Leave Me; I Dream in the Arms of My Darling; The End of a Wonderful Day; Sitting on a Cloud; In a Friendly Little Harbour; Boston Bounce; Waiting; Southpaw Special.

With vocals by Chick Henderson, Alan Kane, Sam Costa, Helen Clare & others.

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© Crystal Stream Audio 1999 IDCD37
Total playing time: 71.15

Spin a Little Web of Dreams; Take Another Chance; Let's Fall in Love; Just for Tonight; The Very Thought of You; It Never Occurred to You; Little Man You've had a Busy Day; On a Blue Lagoon; Cocktails for Two; Together; I Never had a Chance; Still the Same; I Bought Myself a Bottle of Ink; All in a Day; Needing You; Carolina; Music; Wish Me Luck - Kiss Me Goodbye; We Shall Meet Again; Pop Goes Your Heart; Day in Day Out; Dancing with My Shadow; I'm Going to Lose My Heart to Someone; The Little Golden Locket; I'm Hand in Glove with the One I Love; Does She Love Me? (Yes or No?); I'm Sending My Blessing.

With vocals by Sam Browne, Dan Donovan, Chick Henderson, Alan Kane & others.

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