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GEORGE TREVARE and His Dance Orchestra

GEORGE TREVARE and His Dance Orchestra
'Long Ago and Far Away'
54 recordings from 1943 to 1946

Crystal Stream Audio 2017
IDCD371 Total playing time: 77.51
IDCD372 Total playing time: 78.01
Double CD
FIRST CD: Farewell to Goodbye; There's a Boy Up North; Calling You Home; Meant for Me; Where the Old Folks Wait for Me; My Love Must Wait; Easy to See; Under the Trees; Comin' Home on a Wing and a Prayer; Johnny Zero; In My Arms; Sunday, Monday or Always; Cherie; Christmas Candles; Pistol Packin' Mama; Curl the Moe, Uncle Joe; We Musn't Say Goodbye; Say a Prayer for the Boys Over There; I Need You Again; Give Me Another Kiss; Shoo Shoo Baby; My Heart Tells Me; No Love, No Nothin'; The Magic of Your Arms; You're My Lucky Break; Blue Dusk; Don't Sweetheart Me.
SECOND CD: Long Ago and Far Away; When They Ask About You; No Use; Is There a Story?; At the End of the Trail; Time Waits for No One; Am I?; Goodnight, Wherever You Are; For Once in My Life I'm Lonely; I See Your Face; Jungle Jive; There Goes That Song Again; Don't Fence Me In; Just Like a Lovely Dream; You're Charming, You're Lovely Tonight; Let's Have One for the Road; One of These Days; Back to Croajingalong; The Silver in Mother's Hair; Waltzing Matilda; Dream; On Wings of Song; There! I've Said it Again; Blue Velvet; Temperamental Lady; That's for Me; Chickery Chick.

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