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TEDDY WILSON and His Orchestra

TEDDY WILSON and His Orchestra
'Warmin' Up'

Recordings from 1935 to 1939

© Crystal Stream Audio 2018 IDCD373
Total playing time: 78.025

Miss Brown to You; Twenty-Four Hours a Day; Yankee Doodle Never Went to Town; My Melancholy Baby; Warmin' Up; Blues in C Sharp Minor; You Came to My Rescue; Here's Love in Your Eyes; I'll Get By; Mean to Me; Foolin' Myself; Easy Living; The Hour of Parting; Ain't Misbehavin'; Blue Mood (parts 1 & 2); Say it with a Kiss; April in My Heart; They Say; You're So Desirable; Hello, My Darling; Let's Dream in the Moonlight; More Than You Know; Jumpin' for Joy; The Man I Love.

Featuring vocals by Billie Holiday (13 tracks), Ella Fitzgerald, Helen Ward and Boots Castle.

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