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'You're a Real Sweetheart'
52 vocal choruses with dance bands from 1926 to 1930
Crystal Stream Audio 2018
IDCD375 Total playing time: 77.28
IDCD376 Total playing time: 79.20
Double CD

NOTE: All the tracks on this double CD appear on other Crystal Stream Audio CDs featuring the dance bands listed below.
FIRST CD: Let's Talk About My Sweetie; So Does Your Old Mandarin; Blue Bonnet; When the Red, Red Robin Comes Bob, Bob, Bobbin' Along; As Long as I Have You; Dream of Love and You; Tonight's My Night with Baby; There's a Blue Ridge in My Heart Virginia; Breezin' Along with the Breeze; In a Little Garden; For My Sweetheart; Looking at the World Thru Rose Colored Glasses; I'm Walking Around in Circles; That Night in Araby; Beside a Garden Wall; Sadie Green; Sunday; When I First Met Mary; In a Little Spanish Town; Moonlight on the Ganges; Somebody Else; Rio Rita; One Summer Night; She's Got "IT"; Roam On, My Little Gypsy Sweetheart; Bye Bye Pretty Baby.
SECOND CD: Just another day Wasted Away; Moonlit Waters; Sally Rose; Thinking of You; Up in the Clouds; I Just Roll Along (Having My Ups and Downs); Tell Me You're Sorry; Just Across the Street from Heaven; In My Bouquet of Memories; So Dear; Pickin' Cotton; What D'Ya Say; Dream House; Old Man Sunshine; If You Don't Love Me; You're a Real Sweetheart; Miss Wonderful; Lady Luck; Sing, You Sinners; Kitty from Kansas City; My Future Just Passed; Just a Little Closer; I'm Yours; Dixiana; I am the Words, You are the Melody; (There's Something About) An Old Fashioned Girl.

Featuring the orchestras of Ben Selvin, Bob Haring, Adrian Schubert, Sam Lanin and Isham Jones.

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'Everything's Gonna Be All Right'

Solo vocal recordings from 1923 to 1931

© Crystal Stream Audio 2018 IDCD374
Total playing time: 78.16

When the Leaves Come Tumbling Down; Nobody Knows What a Red Head Mamma Cab Do; Everything's Gonna Be All Right; What Can I Say After I Say I'm Sorry; At Peace with the World; How Many Times; So Blue; It All Depends on You; Sonny Boy; There's a Rainbow 'Round My Shoulder; Wedding Bells are Breaking Up That Old Gang of Mine; Glad Rag Doll; My Mother's Eyes; Sleepy Valley; Louise; Broadway Melody; You Were Meant for Me; You Were Meant for Me (alternate); Little Pal; Why Can't You; With You; Let Me Sing and I'm Happy; Dancing with Tears in My Eyes; I Still Get a Thrill; I'm Yours; Home.

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