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recordings from 1927 to 1941

© Crystal Stream Audio 1999 IDCD38
Total playing time: 71.52

Leslie Sarony and Girl Friend - No, No, a Thousand Times No; Jack and Claude Hulbert - Loviní You; Leslie Sarony - Years and Years and Years; And the Great Big Saw Came Nearer and Nearer; Tommy Handley and Company - The Dis-Orderly Room; Roy Barbour - The Lion and Albert; Norman Long - We Montmorencies; Nothiní Else to Do All Day; Max Bacon - Buy My Little Ten-a-Penny Pills; I Can Get it For You Wholesale; Tommy Trinder - Oh Nicholas! Donít be So Ridiculous; Or Anything Else Iíve Got; Arthur Askey - All to Specification; Max Miller - Everything Happens to Me; At the Bathing Parade; Cyril Fletcher - The Invisible Man, Cuthbert Bostril; The Two Leslie (Sarony and Holmes) - Down at the Hole in the Wall; Sweet Fanny Adams; Vic Oliver - Vic Oliverís ĎTwistsí.

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