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BENNIE KRUEGER and His Orchestra

BENNIE KRUEGER and His Orchestra
'Beale Street Blues'

Recordings from 1921 to 1931

© Crystal Stream Audio 2018 IDCD387
Total playing time: 77.40

Satanic Blues; I Wonder Where My Sweet Daddy's Gone; Beale Street Blues; The St. Louis Blues; Who'll Take My Place; Struttin' at the Strutters' Ball; Boardwalk Blues; You've Got to See Mama Every Night; Long Lost Mama (Daddy Misses You); Yes! We Have No Bananas; Wonder If She's Lonely Too; Sleep; 31st Street Blues; There's Nobody Else But You; Tell Me, Radio; Savannah (The Georgianna Blues); Ray and His Little Chevrolet; Pleasure Mad; Yes Sir! That's My Baby; Charlestonette; Someone's Stolen My Sweet Baby; That's the Good Old Sunny South; Down Among the Sugar Cane; I Don't Know Why ( I Just Do); I Idolize My Baby's Eyes.

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