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GUY LOMBARDO and His Royal Canadians

and His Royal Canadians
Volume Two
'East Side of Heaven'
Recordings from 1936 to 1947

© Crystal Stream Audio 2022 IDCD485
Total playing time: 77.13

You Do the Darndest Things, Baby; Rainbow on the River; It's Love I'm After; Summer Night; I Stumbled Over Love; I Love You From Coast to Coast; I Know Now; The Lady Who Couldn't Be Kissed; Lovely One; That Old Feeling; Blossoms on Broadway; Let Me Whisper (Murmullo); I Must See Annie Tonight; East Side of Heaven; That Sly Old Gentleman (From Featherbed Lane); South American Way; I'm Sorry for Myself; Along Miami Shore; Confucius Say; We'll Meet Again; One for My Baby (and One More for the Road); Small World; Love on a Greyhound Bus; All the Time; It Takes Time; The Echo Said "No"; Frankie and Johnny.

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and His Royal Canadians
Volume One
'The Sweetest Music This Side of Heaven'
48 recordings from 1927 to 1934
Crystal Stream Audio 2019
IDCD409 Total playing time: 78.12
IDCD410 Total playing time: 78.35
Double CD
FIRST CD: Under the Moon; Sweethearts on Parade; That's How I Feel About You; My Blackbirds are Bluebirds Now; Where the Shy Little Violets Grew; Me and the Man in the Moon; This is Heaven; I Get the Blues When it Rains; My Fate is in Your Hands; Where the Golden Daffodils Grow; The One That I Love Just Can't Be Bothered with Me; Lazy Lou'siana Moon; You're the Sweetest Girl This Side of Heaven; Singing a Song to the Stars; Until We Meet Again, Sweetheart; Confessin' (That I Love You); Stephen Foster Medley; St. Louis Blues; It Must Be True; By the River Sainte Marie; Whistling in the Dark; Building a Home for You; How the Time Can Fly.
SECOND CD: Without That Gal!; Sweet and Lovely; Now That You've Gone; I Wouldn't Change You for the World; Cuban Love Song; You Try Somebody Else (We'll Be Back Together Again); Too Late; River, Stay 'Way From My Door; (I'm Still Without a Sweetheart) With Summer Coming On; We Just Couldn't Say Goodbye; April Showers; Rock-A-Bye Your Baby with a Dixie Melody; You're Getting to be a Habit with Me; Young and Healthy; You're Beautiful Tonight, Mt Dear; Nothing But the Best; A Thousand Goodnights; True; Little Dutch Mill; You Oughta Be in Pictures (My Star of Stars); Fare Thee Well; The Sweetest Music This Side of Heaven; My Old Flame; The Lights are Low - The Music is Sweet; Anything That's Part of You.

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