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ORRIN TUCKER and His Orchestra

and His Orchestra
'Drifting and Dreaming'
54 recordings from 1938 to 1942
Crystal Stream Audio 2019
IDCD420 Total playing time: 77.50
IDCD421 Total playing time: 78.16
Double CD
FIRST CD: I Need Lovin'; Midnight; How Strange; Billy; Everybody Loves My Baby (But My Baby Don't Love Nobody But Me); For Tonight; Each Time We Say "Goodbye" (I Die a Little); Loveliness; Blue Orchids; Oh Johnny, Oh Johnny, Oh!; Pinch Me; How Many Times; My Resistance is Low; Too Busy; Lydia, The Tattooed Lady; All in Favor Say Aye!; Wouldja Mind; Little Girl; Many Dreams Ago; At the Balalaika; Drifting and Dreaming; Sh! Baby's Asleep; You'd Be Surprised; If I Could be the Dummy on Your Knee; If it Wasn't for the Moon; Been Lookin' for Love; Not Yet.
SECOND CD: Where Do I Go from You; If You Love Me; Go Way, Can't You See I'm Dreaming; I Wouldn't Take a Million; Your Flag and Mine; I Know Somebody Who Loves You; Gotta Big Date with a Little Girl; You're Nearer; I Could Kiss You for That; Li'l Abner; Strawberry Lane; The Yogi Who Lost His Will Power; No Foolin'; It was Wonderful Then (and It's Wonderful Now); You Can Depend on Me; You're Just So So; Drink the Barrel Dry; Are You Kiddin'; Under Blue Canadian Skies; Do Something; She Don't Wanna; Goodbye Mama, I'm Off to Yokohama; You're a Sap, Mr. Jap; Tangerine; Always in My Heart; Full Moon; There are Rivers to Cross (Before We Meet Again).

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