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GRAY GORDON and His Tic-Toc Rhythm

GRAY GORDON and His Tic-Toc Rhythm
'I Like to Recognize the Tune'

Recordings from 1938 to 1940

© Crystal Stream Audio 2019 IDCD422
Total playing time: 78.59

Ten Pins in the Sky; For the First Time; When the Circus Came to Town; Heigh-Ho the Merry-O; Blue in the Black of the Night; There's Something About an Old Love; Off to See the Wizard of Oz; If I Only had a Heart / a Brain / the Nerve; Ding-Dong! The Witch is Dead; If I were King of the Forrest; Chopsticks; Sing a Song of Sunbeams; It's Never Too Late; That's Right, I'm Wrong; An Old-Fashioned Tune Always is New; The Song of the Metronome; Rumple-Stilts-Kin (Oh! He Could Sew, He Could Sew); Old Mill Wheel; I Like to Recognize the Tune; You Gorgeous Dancing Doll; I Can't Resist You; My Enchantress of the Night; Gentlemen of the Jury; Looking for Yesterday; I Could Make You Care; Dancing on a Dime; I Hear Music.

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