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The Last Years

Recordings from 1947 to 1949
© Crystal Stream Audio 2015 IDCD305
Total playing time: 78.02
Here I'll Stay; You'd be So Nice to Come Home To; Rosalie; I'd Rather be Wrong Than Be Sorry; A Rendezvous with a Rose; My Darling, My Darling; I'll String Along with You; I Love You So Much; NAVAL AIR RESERVE SHOW, Series 3, Programme 6: (You're Breaking My Heart; Temptation); NAVAL AIR RESERVE SHOW, Series 3, Programme 19: (Fine and Dandy; Younger Than Springtime; Night and Day); My One and Only Highland Fling; Look at Me; You're Wonderful; Me an' My Bundle; Paris Wakes Up and Smiles; Merry Christmas Waltz; A Dreamer's Holiday; Lucky Us; Nobody's Home at My House.

Includes recordings with Doris Day and Dinah Shore and his complete NAVAL AIR RESERVE SHOWS from March 1949.
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The 1940s

Recordings from 1940 to 1947
© Crystal Stream Audio 2009 IDCD181
Total playing time: 77.35
Nothing But You; From Another World; The Stars Remain; When That Man is Dead and Gone; A Sinner Kissed an Angel; Moonlight Masquerade; Ma-Ma-Maria; Delilah; That Old Gang of Mine; My Buddy; Dear Old Pal of Mine; Smiles; Keep the Home Fires Burning; Just a Baby's Prayer at Twilight; There's a Long Long Trail; K-K-K-Katy; (This Morning) I Knew I'd Fall in Love Tonight; On the Other End of a Kiss; East of the Sun (and West of the Moon); For You; When Day is Done; I'll Never be the Same; I'll Get By; More Than You Know; Something to Remember You By; I'll See You in My Dreams.
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Transcription Recordings - Volume Two

Recordings from 1936 to 1941
© Crystal Stream Audio 2006 IDCD140
Total playing time: 72.29
A Star Fell Out of Heaven; When I'm with You; To Mary - With Love; Pennies from Heaven; You do the Darndest Things, Baby; Slumming on Park Avenue; The Girl on the Police Gazette; This Year's Kisses; You're Laughing at Me; Summer Night; You're My Best Bet; May I Have the Next Romance with You; Just a Quiet Evening; Too Marvellous for Words; What Will I Tell My Heart; Blue Hawaii; Sweet is the Word for You; My Greatest Mistake; I Could Make You Care; I'll Never Smile Again; The Ferry-Boat Serenade; The Sidewalk Serenade; The Last Time I Saw Paris; Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered.
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Transcription Recordings

recordings from 1935 to 1941
© Crystal Stream Audio 2004 IDCD113
Total playing time: 78.33
I Wished on the Moon; Rhythm of the Rhumba; Will Love Find a Way?; The Piccolino; Did I Remember?; When Did You Leave Heaven?; My Day Begins and Ends with You; Love Will Tell; I Can't Escape from You and (If You Can't Sing It) You'll Have to Swing It; You Turned the Tables on Me; Did You Mean It?; Moon Love; Cinderella Stay in My Arms; One Look at You; Maybe; And So Do I; Orchids for Rememberance; Trade Winds; There's a Great Day Comin' Manana; Only Forever; That's For Me; My Ship; This is New; The Stars Remain; Too Beautiful to Last.
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Buddy Clark

recordings from 1946 to 1949
© Crystal Stream Audio 2000 IDCD50
Total playing time: 73.50
South America, Take it Away; Chiquita Banana; Isnít This Better Than Walkiní in the Rain; Love is a Random Thing; Linda; It Might Have Been a Different Story; I Kiss Your Hand Madam; Made for Each Other; Iíll Dance at Your Wedding; Those Things Money Canít Buy; Two Loves Have I; (The Treasure of) Sierra Madre; I Wish I Knew the Name (of the Girl in My Dreams); Serenade; Talking to Myself About You; Matinee; Itís a Big, Wide, Wonderful World; I Still Get a Thrill; Brush Those Tears from Your Eyes; Everytime I Meet You; Whispering Waters; A Chapter in My Life Called Mary; Youíre Breaking My Heart; Song of Surrender.

Includes all the recordings he made with Ray Noble and His Orchestra and recordings with Xavier Cugat, Mitchell Ayres and others.
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Buddy Clark recordings from 1934 to 1941
© Crystal Stream Audio 2000 IDCD44
Total playing time: 72.17
Dancing with My Darling; The Magic of You; Pardon My Love; Itís You I Adore; Midnight in Paris; Iím Shooting High; Moon Over Miami; Iíve Got My Fingers Crossed; My First Thrill; She Shall Have Music; Take My Heart; But Definitely; Summer Holiday; Iím Grateful to You; Dear Old Southland; Way Down Yonder in New Orleans; Me and the Moon; It Ainít Right; Midnight Blue; The Camera Doesnít Lie; Heaven Help This Heart of Mine; I Should Have Known You Year Ago; ĎTil Reveille.

With bands of Lud Gluskin, Nat Brandywynne, Joe Reichman, Dick McDonough, etc.
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