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JOE REICHMAN and His Orchestra

JOE REICHMAN and His Orchestra
'Me and the Moon'

Recordings from 1929 to 1942

© Crystal Stream Audio 2021 IDCD446
Total playing time: 77.19

Dance Away the Night; Love Made a Gypsy Out of Me; My Fate is in Your Hands; A Little Kiss Each Morning; Wine Song; Ha-Cha-Cha; Hands Across the Table; Dancing with My Shadow; Bonjour Mam'selle; Paris in Spring; The Gaucho; Star Gazing; Love Me Forever; I Wished on the Moon; Why Dream; But Definitely; Me and the Moon; Follow Your Heart; Magnolias in the Moonlight; It was Wonderful Then (and It's Wonderful Now); Mrs. Austin from Boston; Moonlight Sonata; Tonight We Love; I Wish I Had a Sweetheart (Like That Old Sweetheart of Mine); I Guess I'll Be on My Way.

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